the end...

...or the beginning.
It took me quite awhile to figure out what my last image should be for the 365 Project I started on January 1st. I could go out easy and just take a photo of anything. But this project deserved something more than that, in my opinion. An image that took some skill, thought, and looked thoughtful. But it was also to be a self-serving image—in the sense that the final image is…me.

In addition to the image chosen to be the 365th, there were other “honorable mentions” of this afternoon’s self shoot. Self portraits can be time-consuming, as this one was. I am not tethered, so I couldn’t view each shot from where I was standing. I would take a few, then walk over behind my camera and view the images. For about 45 minutes I was going back and forth, back and forth—prefocused at a certain area, f/8 for a little bit of focal wiggle room, and lit subject right by window light and left by a softbox. Images processed with Capture NX2 with various Nik Filters. I took my glasses off cause, well, it just looked better. No fancy studio, just sheer curtains hanging in my home office. (A little tech info for those who like that stuff. :) ) And for those of you who have taken their own self portraits, being a woman does not make this easy. Who is more critical of us than ourselves? But I am proud of these images. Of me.

These images tell my story. And not just these images of myself, but all the prior 364 are the story of my 2011. To view them all, here’s a link back to my Flickr page. 2012 brings the start of a new business for me, my first venture into entrepreneurship—Sweet Clover Pet Photography. (Remember I’ll be formally announcing that in late January, so you’ll be the first to know!) But don’t think I will stop with my nature photography. I love that, too. Stay tuned, as this blog will continue to evolve, but will always contain my photographs.