Lady Macbeth...

...screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail.
All was not so dire as Shakespeare’s play—Macbeth—in reality, but when you meet a gal named Lady Macbeth, a quote that represented the moment just had to be used. However, quite a different context.

Friday my husband and I visited a friend at a nearby dog show. She was finishing off one of her dogs (please don’t ask me to explain that). Lady Macbeth did VERY well, and did not fail. I wish I could remember the exact results, but I’ll sum it up by saying she won! Lady M is just over a year old, but pretty much full-grown. My first comment when I saw her was “she’s so short!” Very funny coming from another corgi owner, but this gal was shorter than our dog—not only shorter legs, but a shorter body. Lady Macbeth is quite the lovable and sweet little gal. (No worries, we only want one dog—our own.)

I brought my camera and one lens, a nice light 35mm prime. I was not wanting to carry a heavy camera/lens in my purse, and it was not my intention to have this be a “photo session”. The location was a large, open, cement-floored convention room. LOTS of dogs around, and people, too…can you say distractions? Lighting…lighting was awful, of course. The reason I mention all this is to give you background on this learning experience of mine.

Once again I learned that when I rush, I take icky photos (improperly placed focus points, poor composition, not looking at the background, just to name a few shortcomings). Also, the environment was sooooo distracting. I was beside the show ring, and there were many people and dogs around—excitement and nervous energy from dogs and humans alike. To attract a dog’s attention I think I would have needed to be made of raw meat. :) I just realized I am (ha ha), but perhaps a fried bacon jacket would have held Lady Macbeth’s attention a bit better.

So why am I sharing what I consider to be sub-par photos of mine? Because I know I learn more from my mistakes in photography than the successes. And I know I learn from other photographers’ mistakes, so I guess I’m just trying to share the learning experience with others. :) (But the really good ones feel a lot more exciting!) But I’m not going to go so far as to tell you what I don’t like about each photo. (Click a photo to enter a slideshow mode—and the photos are a bit larger, too.)

ps-I kinda miss my 365 Project!