new translation feature added to blog!

...This is a short post just to share that I’ve added a language translation feature to the blog! I have a few friends who might find it refreshing to read my blog in their own language. (I hope Google does a decent job. But I’m guessing your English skills might be better than Google’s!)
You can find the link on the right side of the blog. Just click the link and you can select what language you want to translate to. (I spotted this on Anne Jutras’ blog — thanks for the idea, Anne!) I’ve also added it to the navigation at the top of the page in case you are on an older post and want to translate it.

Is it ok if I recycle an old photo for this post? I hope so! At least enjoy the green color. It was taken by intentionally moving the camera to create an abstract image. Just slow your shutter speed down and experiment. It can be very fun! And you never quite know what you’ll see.