a soup to nuts post—literally!

How often do you literally MEAN that phrase when you say it? (Does anyone say it besides Menard’s commercials?)
A former boss of mine makes THE BEST SOUP. And she has shared some of her favorite recipes from time to time. This recipe is a delicious chicken noodle soup. And, it’s super easy to make. (If I can make it, anyone can.) If you click on the recipe image, it will enlarge a bit. But if you have trouble seeing it, let me know. Oh, and there is a ton of garlic in the soup. So if you are a garlic fan, you’ll be in love. If you’re not, then not so much.

I’m always practicing my pet photography. This time inside the house using a flash to supplement less than ideal lighting. Of course you know my favorite dog! And through lighting and post processing, I made a distracting background disappear. I also wanted to use one of my supposed lower quality lenses. Let’s just say I have this love/hate relationship with what is supposed to be a “better” lens. So I’m experimenting with some of the lenses in my camera bag, putting them through their paces in real life shooting situations. (Today we’ll be doing some urban shooting since it’s supposed to be a lovely and sunny 40 degrees today. If you’re subscribed to Sweet Clover Pet Photography blog posts, you’ll be seeing that one soon.)

And now the nuts part. Ok, the more I think about it, I don’t think there were any nuts. But there were dowels and hex screws—close enough! A few weeks ago my husband put together a 5’x5’ IKEA cube. I wanted more storage space for books, Sweet Clover Pet Photography business stuff, and miscellaneous things that needed a home. I thought it would be fun to take some quick shots during the process to share with you! (I just wish you could have seen that floor/wall area before I moved out the old bookcase. But I wasn’t going to move it all back in just for a “before” photo.)



ps – Let me know if you try the soup and how you like it!