Hydrangea, inspired

I promised a post this week. I didn’t really like my lavender shots. Oh, maybe I just need to review them again.
But I just bought some new textures from French Kiss Textures, the Tableaux Collection. I had won a gift certificate from her, so they were free! So, of course I had to play with them. (And by the way, she still has her sale price on the collection as of this writing, so hurry if you want them!)

I have two versions of the hydrangea image. And if I’m feeling like it, perhaps I will get a different one out in the next week or so. (Sometimes I write these posts in advance. But not this one.)

If you like them, I’ll add one or both to my website. But you gotta let me know! (Not yelling, just adding a little emphasis. :) ) I threw in the original photo, too. I like that one, but I was in the mood to play.

Click on the photo, you’ll get a nice-sized slideshow in your browser. But not from within your email. Bummer. Gotta actually go to my blog  for that.

So what should I blog about next? Reader’s choice.