off to the races...

Fillies Race for Hope at Canterbury Park

This is the second year of Fillies Race for Hope benefiting the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation and Pay It Forward Fund. You might recall me attending it last year, as well. Canterbury Park is such a great place for an event—a nice change from the typical round table dinner with an inspirational slideshow. Don’t get me wrong, indoor events can be just as enjoyable. But the novelty of being able to spend an afternoon at the races is very nice!

What a wonderful afternoon in Shakopee, Minnesota to watch some amazing animals, and of course photograph them, too!

For you photographers reading this, you’ll appreciate a straight RAW-to-jpg conversion. I shot in Manual mode for this. Only needed to increase the exposure on one photo. It’s nice to know that when I take the time (and can take the time), I am a little smarter than my camera in Aperture Priority mode. I had plenty of time to set up my shots, pre-compose them, tweak the exposure—all before each race started at a nice predictable time. Although I will admit that a part of me would like to add a little “spit and polish” to them, but I also like the reportage style of these images. All images taken with the Nikon 70-300mm.