Stories to Tell - Holland Germany 2012 Part 1

Channelling Bob Dylan in Germany

My friend Edith was a great guide in helping me explore my Dad’s old haunts while he was in the military in the 50s, stationed near Kitzingen, Germany. This blog post will never get written if I detail everything here, but you can hover over the images for their caption, and to view larger, just click on the image for a larger slideshow.

Guitar Man

I will share one story with you, as the guy was interesting. The street musician, I’ll call him Guitar Man, was quite the character. He kept wanting me to take my shoes off. You’ll notice his were off. But here’s the serendipitous moment.

Guitar Man didn’t know I was from Minnesota. But guess what song he played? I’ll give you a hint. He’s a musician from Minnesota. Think 60’s (although he’s still an active artist). Remember, all Guitar Man knew was I was from America. He started playing Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Crazy! And, he was pretty good!

The whole group was quite interesting (Guitar Man was originally from Hungary, several from Germany, one man was from Greece, and then the two of us from Holland and America), and we just added to the “eclecticness” of the group. We chatted about the US, Germany, future vacations, families. Quite the interesting little interaction.

But we weren’t there to just chat with Guitar Man, so we left the little group and were on way to explore Kitzingen.

Next up on Stories to Tell – Holland Germany Part 2—some images from Mainbernheim, Germany (which is right outside Kitzingen), and elderly woman and stuffed animal.