Stories to Tell - Holland Germany 2012 Part 2

Mainbernheim, Germany

These images are from the Mainbernheim, Germany area, which is just a handful of kilometers from Kitzingen. The area reminded me of central and southern Minnesota with its gentle rolling hills, some forest areas, and some farmland. Actually most of the area of Germany that we travelled through reminded me of the upper Midwest.

The days were quite warm while in Germany. And I’m pretty certain this elderly woman didn’t have air conditioning! So she was enjoying some relatively cooler air in the shade outside of her home while watching the people go by, which included Edith and myself. My friend Edith speaks German, so they chatted quite a bit. The older gentleman had stopped by, too. I’m not sure the relationship between them—perhaps siblings? I looked around and photographed the older woman a couple times. She was kind enough to let us see inside her front entrance door into the enclosed garden area of her home. (And I think she might like dogs. Did you noticed the stuffed toy?) Most of this city is enclosed by a wall, and the homes are built as part of this wall.

And in case you missed Part 1 of this series, here’s the link to it. In Part 1 was a story of a Hungarian street musician singing a Bob Dylan song, plus other photos of the Kitzingen, Germany area.

The next Stories to Tell will feature images of Würzburg, Germany. Oh, and also a little story of getting stuck on the German Autobahn.

By the way, Edith has a fabulous blog that she writes a couple of times a month or so. She writes it in Dutch and English, so no excuse to not check out her blog!