Stories to Tell - Holland Germany 2012 Part 3

A Palace, A Fortress, and Getting Some Sun on the Autobahn

Did I mention that the reason I spent a few days in Germany was to recapture (literally) some of the places my dad had photographed while on leave when he was stationed in Germany in the 1950s? So it really wasn’t so much a site-seeing trip as a brief documentary adventure to photograph in present day the same locations as in the old photographs that Dad took. I know that I missed a lot (and I mean A LOT) of wonderful things. But I had a self-imposed assignment (a good kind of assignment) and a limited time frame to complete it. And that was totally ok! It was actually very liberating not having that feeling that I had to see everything.

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The first images were taken at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Residence Palace. Also known as the Wurzburg Residence, it is an example of Baroque architecture and was built from 1720 to 1744. We didn’t get a chance to tour the palace and gardens as they were closed, but from other images I’ve seen, definitely a place to visit again. For more information, here is a website in English and German and Wikipedia’s entry.


The Marienberg Fortress has seen many iterations over the centuries, with the original castle built early in the 8th century. You can read more about it and other German palaces here. I believe the bridge that the lions are “guarding” is called the Lion Bridge. Or if that’s not the official name, that’s what people know it as.


Now this is something not everyone gets to do—walk around and lie down on the Autobahn. We’re driving along and suddenly three lanes of traffic came to a stop. We sat in the car for a bit expecting things to get moving, but they didn’t. And it was very hot, especially on the pavement. So what do two people with cameras do to pass the time? We photograph! And you talk, as best you can, to the people around you. (Which is what everyone else was doing, too.) The trucker spoke a bit of English, just enough to speak briefly about family and such. He shared some ice-cold water and an apple. It was very much appreciated! (Remember I said it was hot—well over 90 degrees F!)

Of course what goes through a gal’s mind after it’s been over an hour, and the truckers are telling you it might be three or four more hours before the traffic starts to move? “Where will I go to the bathroom?” C’mon gals, you know what I mean. Guys have it easy. But we have to look around for some discreet spot, and that’s not easy to find. Luckily I didn’t have to scope out an area, as suddenly the traffic started moving and we all jumped back in our cars and trucks and off we went. It was over (two hours later) as quickly as it started.

Part 4 will feature heather, Radio Kootwijk, and a bit of Amsterdam.

The images with the palace and the lion will be featured in their own blog post “Yesterday and Today” with my dad’s photographs and mine side by side. There are about a dozen“Yesterday and Today” images, and they will be the final installment of Stories to Tell — Holland Germany 2012, and will be Part 6. (Yes, there is a Part 5, too.)

Thanks for reading! See you next time.