Stories to Tell - Holland Germany 2012 Part 4

Heather (and more heather), a radio tower, and Amsterdam

To view larger images, click on one of them to open up the slideshow.

To view larger images, click on one of them to open up the slideshow.


The heather was in bloom while I was visiting Holland. It was beautiful! I went a little nuts with my camera there, taking way too many photos. More does not mean better!

Radio Kootwijk

The funny story behind me trying to pronounce the name of this radio tower is that when the name was spelled out for me, I said, Oh, like “Cootwigic”. My friends had a good laugh over that one, but I’ve always remembered how to spell it, even though I don’t remember how to say it. It’s actually pronounced something like “coatvag”. This imposing structure of a radio tower was completed in the 1920s, with it’s first transmission in 1923 to Indonesia saying “Hello Bandoon” (or it might be Bandung). I tried to piece together the story behind Radio Kootwijk in person, with information translated online (Google translate does a decent job, but you can tell many things are lost in translation). No matter the story behind the structure, it’s a fabulous building to photograph. (But I was so enthralled by the heather, that I didn’t take many photos of the building.)


These are a few photos of our little jaunt into Amsterdam. I wish I had more photos (it’s such a beautiful city), but a chronic problem with my feet limits how much I can walk around. I wanted to go to the Van Gogh Museum, so that’s the main thing we saw, and the buildings around it.  We had some fun with the wall mural! (The photo of me at the airport, that one got a little out of sequential order, since that was Day 1 of my trip. But I thought it was a cute photograph my friend took of me.)

That door — I loved that door!

And my husband Kyle (red jacket) was having fun pretending to hitch a ride on a train. See if you can find him in the third “I amsterdam” photo in the above collage. Hint, look for the red jacket.

It had started to rain as we were heading back to the train station to return to where we were staying about an hour away. I liked the abstracts I created while sitting on the train while it rained outside. The whole train experience was pretty cool, as most of us Midwesterners just don’t experience that.

What’s Next?

The last Holland Germany blog post is coming up—that’s the one that I’ll show the images my dad took in the 50s and mine last fall — both taken in the same location, just decades apart. That should publish in July sometime, but there will be some other posts between.

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Thanks so much for following this series! See you next time!