Stories to Tell - Holland Germany 2012 Part 5

A Canal Tour of Utrecht, Holland

It was a lovely morning for a tour, and for photographing. It was overcast, so no worries about harsh shadows, yet bright enough to still have some. It’s more about not having the extreme brightness of a clear day. So all was good, even though several people said “too bad it’s cloudy”. Nope! I was a happy camper.

Our canal guide was wonderful. I highly recommend hiring an individual boat instead of the glass covered boats that have 30+ people in them. The open air is so nice, and no reflections because of a glass covered boat.

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

We went under many bridges in Utrecht

Doorway to someone's home

Another door

It really is  wonderful seeing a city from slightly below street level.  And no worries about accidentally bumping into someone as you’re busy gazing around like a tourist and not watching where you’re going. And not getting lost when someone else is driving you around!

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

One of my favorites of the trip


I was quite enthralled by the circles created by the archways being reflected in the canal. Like I said, the shadows were just right because it was overcast. I was so distracted by these archways, that I almost didn’t see this cat. In fact I had taken several photographs before I even realized he was in them! My two favorite images of the trip are included in this blog post— “Dutch Cat” and “Holland Canal”. To purchase, just visit Barb Kellogg Photography. I’ve linked you right to the Holland photos.

In three of the images above, you can see that the street is up one “story” for much of the canal route. We passed through parks, by their prison (for some reason I didn’t take any pictures there, but sometimes you just have to take in the scenery and ignore your camera for a bit), and just generally through the city of Utrecht.

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

These are all along the canal, but not visible from the road above.

All along the canal were these carvings like you see above. They aren’t visible from the street, so a nice bonus. Some of them are serious, some are goofy.

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

See what I mean about the concentric circles formed by the reflections? It just draws you in.

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

Canal Tour in Utrecht, Holland

One gets hungry while sightseeing, so we walked into a restaurant. A bonus that there was some music playing because of a festival that was happening in the city.


We stayed near Soest, Holland. Not your typical place to stay as a tourist, but it was nice and rural, compared to Amsterdam or other large cities. The funny thing is it looked more like central Minnesota where I’m from. Don’t you expect places you go will look quite different from home? And this was actually the only windmill I saw up close. There is more to Holland than tulips and windmills!

Going Home

Two weeks are definitely long enough to be gone on vacation. You miss your bed. You miss your food. You miss your dog. You miss the familiar.




Over Greenland

And by the way, didn’t see any green when flying over Greenland.

I thought this was going to be the last in this series, but I promise I won’t make you wait forever for Part 6. I’m working on these blog posts during the same afternoon. It will publish next week.