Cool Curved Metal Prints

Catch the Curve

Curved metal prints

Oh my gosh these are so awesome!! I am in love with displaying photographs on metal! The color is AMAZING!

Curved metal prints are simple (no frame, nothing to hang). It’s the curve that keeps them upright.

They make a statement by being unique and new; and what a fabulous conversation starter. Yet at the same time, they meld wonderfully into any decor no matter where you put them. I think they are perfect for those times when you don’t want something on the wall. Whether it’s on a bookshelf, the fireplace mantel, or even next to the TV — these are all the same places you would put smaller framed images. Great for an office, too!

And if you do have images on the wall, these curved metal prints compliment the wall decor nicely. Think of a great gallery of your family portraits on the wall, and a couple curved metal prints tucked into those cozy places in your home.

The Details

  • They are made out of aluminum that is covered with a coating that allows the dye to be infused into the surface.
  • The sizes are perfect — 7“x5”, 12“x8” (shown above on the left), and even 24“x8” (shown on the right).
  • You have a choice of an inny or an outty (concave—curved in; or convex—curved out).
  • Horizontal images only.
  • While the corners aren’t sharp (they are slightly rounded), I would keep them out of the reach of small children.
  • These are available for both my nature* and portrait clients.

*The nature images will be by special order only. At this time, you would need to contact me directly to order the curved metal, as they aren’t listed on Barb Kellogg Photography at the time of this writing. Just choose the image(s) you would like, and let me know what sizes.

24x8" Curved Metal Print, "Last Green is Gold" photograph is shown

24x8" Curved Metal Print, "Last Green is Gold" photograph is shown

Top View of Curved Metal Print

I should let you know that the large metal print—Last Green is Gold—will be for sale at the art fair Sunday at Millstream Art Fair in St. Joseph, Minnesota.  If it doesn’t sell, I will also have it for sale up in Aurora, Minnesota at their annual Pumpkin Fest. (The photograph was actually taken up there.) Of course I can always send you your own!

Last blog post of September. Wow, where did the month go?



ps—Just noticed in the top photo that I obviously love orchids when 5 out of 8 plants are orchids. :) They aren’t all blooming, so you may not recognize a couple of them.