Do You Know What Day it Is?

2014 Nature’s Beauty Calendar, by Barb Kellogg Photography

Here’s another not so shameless self promotion. It’s rare that I publish two product related blog posts so close together, not to mention the same day. But if I don’t share the news with you, you won’t know the calendar exists. And if you don’t know it exists, you can’t buy it. And I’ll admit it, I want you to buy it!

All the months' photos in the calendar

The Beauty of Flowers

As you can see, it’s all flowers. If you adore flowers, you’ll love this calendar.  If you don’t like flowers, don’t buy my calendar. (But you can buy it for friends and family—hint hint.)

The calendar is great because it takes up very little space, and there is still a bit of room to write yourself a couple small reminders in the white space. And, it’s pretty! The calendar will definitely brighten your day or someone else’s. This would make a unique gift that everyone can’t run out and buy at your local discount store or the mall.

If anyone is familiar with the calendar I created for 2013, there are no repeat images. And many of them were taken this summer, and even two weeks ago!

The Details

  • The calendar comes in a CD jewel case that doubles as the calendar’s stand.
  • It is a 12-month calendar, January through December 2014.
  • There is an optional gift box for the “wrapping challenged”.
  • All the photographs were taken by me. (I get that question from people, so I figured others might wonder, too.)
  • Ordering is easy. You can purchase from my website. And the shipping is FREE I need to make a correction on the shipping. Free shipping only applies if 3 or more calendar are ordered. Otherwise shipping is $6.34. On any orders of 3 or more calendars, I will refund $6.34. I wish I didn’t have to pass on these charges from my lab, but I do.
  • To order just the calendar with no gift box, follow this link. This takes you to my website to order the calendar.
  • To order the calendar with a gift box, follow this link.

And, SAVE 10% through October 15th, 2013 on my website (on this or any order from there) by using this code at checkout: FALL10. (Please note that free shipping does not apply to most products.)

I know there is no incentive for you to share this with your friends and family, but I really hope you do. Thank you!!