"Emotion" Photo Challenge

I wanted to share with you the images I created for a photo group I belong to. This challenge was “Emotion”. I was the one who suggested this difficult challenge, so I would have felt too guilty to not participate!
I could have gone with several facial expressions and called the project complete. This wasn’t what I felt like doing this time. And I’ve been sick the last several days, so I think this contributed a bit to my more serious images this time. I wanted to use objects to represent the emotions. It was easier to find the object, then figure out what emotion to have it represent.

As I looked around the house this morning, these were the things I chose:

  • The dried orchid flowers fall from my orchids. Because I think they are rather pretty, I let them just lie on the table next to the potted plants. Dead flowers can be seen as “lonely” and I heightened this by having it small and alone in the corner of the image. I included the set up of the image for those who like to see a little “behind the scenes”. Or in this case, from the top.
  • We have a pen/pencil holder on our kitchen counter that is FULL of writing utensils. (Most of them probably don’t write well, but they just get stuck back in there anyway.) I spotted a pencil, and thought, if broken, made for a good representation of anger or frustration.
  • Being married, having a couple of wedding rings around makes for an easy prop. :) I thought they would look too plain on the black background I was using, so I grabbed a couple small rocks. I took several frames to represent love. Then I moved the rings around to try to represent loss. In the end, the image I chose, could go either way. I couldn’t help but immediately think of the song “Love on the Rocks” by Neil Diamond. And in my brain, I found that to be rather comical. So I made that image Viewer’s Choice.


View Choice: "Love" or "Love on the Rocks"