Stories to Tell—A Day at the Farm...


At the Oliver H. Kelley Farm

This is a pictorial story, not a written one. But to set the stage, I spent a few hours with a couple new photographer friends. We had a great time wandering around this old farm that is still run the way it was in the 1860s (well, with a couple modern amenities). The Oliver H. Kelley Farm was started by Oliver H. Kelley, who was the founder of the Grange. Would be a great place to bring the kids, too. As it’s not overcrowded, you can get near the animals, and even help out in the field and kitchen.

I also brought a film camera along, but since this was just yesterday, you’ll have to wait. Remember those days of anxiously waiting for your film to come back? I haven’t shot film in ages, and this is an old film camera that I hadn’t used yet (it was new for me).

Limited Edition Series – On the Farm

Some of the images below will make it into a limited edition On the Farm series of prints. (News on that later. I’ll announce it here and on my business blog.)

~Barb Kellogg
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