Hydrangea, inspired

I promised a post this week. I didn’t really like my lavender shots. Oh, maybe I just need to review them again.
But I just bought some new textures from French Kiss Textures, the Tableaux Collection. I had won a gift certificate from her, so they were free! So, of course I had to play with them. (And by the way, she still has her sale price on the collection as of this writing, so hurry if you want them!)

I have two versions of the hydrangea image. And if I’m feeling like it, perhaps I will get a different one out in the next week or so. (Sometimes I write these posts in advance. But not this one.)

If you like them, I’ll add one or both to my website. But you gotta let me know! (Not yelling, just adding a little emphasis. :) ) I threw in the original photo, too. I like that one, but I was in the mood to play.

Click on the photo, you’ll get a nice-sized slideshow in your browser. But not from within your email. Bummer. Gotta actually go to my blog  for that.

So what should I blog about next? Reader’s choice.



fresh flower fotography...

...it was too irresistible not to have the three “f” alliteration.
I have some fresh flowers that I’ve just put up on Barb Kellogg Photography. I will also have these as small matted prints for sale this week at Munsinger Gardens’ Art Fair on Thursday July 19th in St. Cloud, Minnesota. If you’re local, come out for a visit—I’ll be out there from 10am to 8pm. It will be a long day, but one couldn’t ask for a lovelier area to be in for 10+ hours! Other artists include potters, glass artists, sculptors, jewelers, painters, and of course other photographers. Oh, and did I mention there will be wine?

For those of you unable to make it and are interested in purchasing these smaller matted prints, please let me know. They will be 5×7 prints in 8×10 white conservation matting—$25 plus tax (if in Minnesota) and shipping.

Click on an image for larger slideshow. (If reading this via email, you’ll need to actually go to the actual blog post, then click on the image for the slideshow.)



some favorite photos from the archives...

It’s the week of the 4th of July. The time for vacations, or at the least, a short mid-week break. But I didn’t want to leave you all without something from me this week, so I took a look in my pictures folder to see if I could bring you a couple you might not have seen before.
And yes, that is an egg.

Have a great week, everyone.



dancing flowers...

One of Bryan Peterson's latest videos demonstrated the use of limited camera shake with a longer shutter speed to create abstract photographs. http://videos.ppsop.com/shake.html (This differs from the Monet technique, which uses bigger lens movements to create "grander" strokes.) The post included a cross balance filter, daylight to tungsten, giving it a much warmer and more colorful look than the original.

my favorite photography subjects...

A blogger friend of mine just created a blog post on one of her favorite subjects, and at the end of the post she wanted to know what other photography bloggers’ frequent subject matter was. (I don’t remember for sure where our virtual paths crossed—I think it was on Flickr.) Her name is Barbara and she creates the blog The Aspiring Photographer. On her blog she narrates and demonstrates her trials and tribulations in this wonderful world of photography, including some great “how to” posts. I encourage you to subscribe to her blog, as it is always worth the time to read.

Can my readers guess what my favorite subjects are? There is always the same couple of subjects that keep popping up—my dog Mulder and flowers (usually “weeds”). My dog is such a great subject to point my camera at, whether it’s capturing details like the spots on his ears, the unique “fingerprint” of his nose (I guess that would make it his noseprint), or sleeping on his back with his feet up in the air.

Flowers also have wonderful details about them. The soft wrinkles in their petals. The graceful curve of a leaf. And when the light illuminates them just right…it can be like magic! And within the category of flowers, daisies are quite common in my portfolio. Who can’t smile at a nice, clean, pretty, white daisy?

Those are my favorites. As they say, shoot what you love and it will come through.

ps — Thanks Barbara for the blog post idea!



crazy with the Lensbaby...

...a few days ago it was nice and overcast, and I just went nuts with my Lensbaby. You know I like to add some textures to some images, but these I did very little processing work to.

The vertical “texture” is from a special creative aperture disk that goes in front of the lens. That’s the one with the lines. The other disk with the holes helps the soft focus be less soft.

And of course a final image made with the Lensbaby is of my dog. No soft focus optic, just the regular outer blur. A few of these images can be purchased over on my website,  barbkellogg.zenfolio.com.

I figured since my last post was word-heavy, I’d make this one picture-heavy. :)


fresh flowers for sale...

...I have lots of awesome news to share!

First, I will be displaying and selling my photography at St. Cloud Hospital during the entire month of June. I’ll be there on the 1st hanging all my prints. If you didn’t get a chance to go last year, this is the year to check it out. Part of my sales are donated to the hospital auxiliary. You get a great print, and you can help support the volunteers and programs at the hospital. Don’t you love it when you can shop for a good cause?

I will also be in an article in the June 2nd edition of the St. Cloud Times’ Up Next section, as this month’s artist at the hospital! I was just interviewed this week. The writer, Jane, was super nice. (Thanks Jane! if you’re reading this.) I will do another blog post with the direct link to that article. But for you local folks, you can read it in the paper, too. I’ll be going to a few local coffee shops to pick myself up a few copies. Seeing it online just isn’t the same as on paper!

The second (or is it third?) piece of cool news is that two images from my cemetery series were chosen to be part of the Mesabi East Gallery in Aurora, MN. The art show will be during July. I’ll be attending an artist reception in Aurora on June 29th. That art will also be for sale. I can’t wait to see what other artwork will be there.

Oh, I almost forgot! The above image is a freshly uploaded to my website. It’s so nice to see it larger!

To you Facebook users, I’d love it if you could share this blog post on your walls. I’d really like to get the word out about my St. Cloud Hospital display. I also have an artist page that you can “Like”, which can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook tab at the top of the webpage.

Thanks everyone! This is a really exciting month and I’m happy to share it with you!


flowers flowers...

110509__DSC2697wfFLAT, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

Via Flickr:
Visited a friend who has some pretty flowers around her yard. And what do I post? The dead flower head from last year. But I’ve got some others to share. This is just the teaser. :) (And I might still mess with this one. This is the flattened work file—“wfFLAT”—so I’ll look at it again later. Sometimes you see things differently after the photo percolates a bit.)


111/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

Via Flickr:
Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz…more info here www.orchidweb.com/orchidofweek.aspx?id=287 ... the greenhouse is in Plymouth, MN—Orchids Limited. Full of orchids! And Jason was nice, knowledgeable, and answered my questions. (So I guess that’s my bit of advertising for them if you live in the Twin Cities area.) But don’t bring your camera…there just isn’t room and too many past photogs were rude and didn’t buy anything. So they now have a no camera rule. Perfectly understandable. This is a business, not a conservatory.

And I love my new plant! Will take more pics when the lighting is better. There is so much fantastic visual interest in this plant!