off to the races...

Fillies Race for Hope at Canterbury Park

This is the second year of Fillies Race for Hope benefiting the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation and Pay It Forward Fund. You might recall me attending it last year, as well. Canterbury Park is such a great place for an event—a nice change from the typical round table dinner with an inspirational slideshow. Don’t get me wrong, indoor events can be just as enjoyable. But the novelty of being able to spend an afternoon at the races is very nice!

What a wonderful afternoon in Shakopee, Minnesota to watch some amazing animals, and of course photograph them, too!

For you photographers reading this, you’ll appreciate a straight RAW-to-jpg conversion. I shot in Manual mode for this. Only needed to increase the exposure on one photo. It’s nice to know that when I take the time (and can take the time), I am a little smarter than my camera in Aperture Priority mode. I had plenty of time to set up my shots, pre-compose them, tweak the exposure—all before each race started at a nice predictable time. Although I will admit that a part of me would like to add a little “spit and polish” to them, but I also like the reportage style of these images. All images taken with the Nikon 70-300mm.



a cute sleeve for my Nook...

I just had to share some photos of a cute and very functional sleeve to protect my Nook when it’s in my purse or other bag. Many of you know that Etsy is a great place to find all sorts of hand-crafted items. So I went searching one day for “Nook sleeves”. And voila!, I found Dahlia Tech. She has all sorts of beautiful sleeves for your iPad, Nook, laptop, etc. And she also ships outside of the US.
I am so very pleased with my order! So I wanted to give a big shout out to Patti Ferron, the owner of Dahlia Tech. Thanks Patti!

ps. She sells handbags, too. :) At Etsy, the business name is Dahlia Handbags.


new translation feature added to blog!

...This is a short post just to share that I’ve added a language translation feature to the blog! I have a few friends who might find it refreshing to read my blog in their own language. (I hope Google does a decent job. But I’m guessing your English skills might be better than Google’s!)
You can find the link on the right side of the blog. Just click the link and you can select what language you want to translate to. (I spotted this on Anne Jutras’ blog — thanks for the idea, Anne!) I’ve also added it to the navigation at the top of the page in case you are on an older post and want to translate it.

Is it ok if I recycle an old photo for this post? I hope so! At least enjoy the green color. It was taken by intentionally moving the camera to create an abstract image. Just slow your shutter speed down and experiment. It can be very fun! And you never quite know what you’ll see.


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the end...

...or the beginning.
It took me quite awhile to figure out what my last image should be for the 365 Project I started on January 1st. I could go out easy and just take a photo of anything. But this project deserved something more than that, in my opinion. An image that took some skill, thought, and looked thoughtful. But it was also to be a self-serving image—in the sense that the final image is…me.

In addition to the image chosen to be the 365th, there were other “honorable mentions” of this afternoon’s self shoot. Self portraits can be time-consuming, as this one was. I am not tethered, so I couldn’t view each shot from where I was standing. I would take a few, then walk over behind my camera and view the images. For about 45 minutes I was going back and forth, back and forth—prefocused at a certain area, f/8 for a little bit of focal wiggle room, and lit subject right by window light and left by a softbox. Images processed with Capture NX2 with various Nik Filters. I took my glasses off cause, well, it just looked better. No fancy studio, just sheer curtains hanging in my home office. (A little tech info for those who like that stuff. :) ) And for those of you who have taken their own self portraits, being a woman does not make this easy. Who is more critical of us than ourselves? But I am proud of these images. Of me.

These images tell my story. And not just these images of myself, but all the prior 364 are the story of my 2011. To view them all, here’s a link back to my Flickr page. 2012 brings the start of a new business for me, my first venture into entrepreneurship—Sweet Clover Pet Photography. (Remember I’ll be formally announcing that in late January, so you’ll be the first to know!) But don’t think I will stop with my nature photography. I love that, too. Stay tuned, as this blog will continue to evolve, but will always contain my photographs.




364/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

Via Flickr:

With one image to go to complete this year long project, it’s strange to think that in two days, I won’t have to take a photo.

For anyone out there thinking of doing this project, I highly recommend it. Why? For me, it helped me think quicker, and over time I took less shots to get one I would post. Do I think my photography improved over this year? In some ways yes, in some ways no. But it sure has been an adventure.


324/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

Via Flickr:

This is the "after the snow" photo, although I’m not happy with this. My breath keeps steaming up my glasses and the viewfinder making focusing challenging. Before the sun sets today I’ll try again with a different lens (either the soft focus optic, or my 35mm prime). Stay tuned!

Tried some shots here near sunset…yuck yuck yuck. Can’t win ‘em all. And I discovered that the inside of a lens attachment was steaming up. Focusing manually plus the extra fog factor—yuck yuck yuck. :)


365 photo update...

...these babies get taken, but not transferred to my computer on a daily basis. I am FINALLY caught up with that. I’ve been in a bit of a funk photographically lately, so it’s a good thing this project “makes” me take at least one shot a day. As much as I enjoy this project, I will be glad when December 31st arrives, Day 365.
Here are the photos from the past week. If you want to read the commentary that is with a few of them, head on over to my 365 set on Flickr.



a little spring to brighten your day...

080719_DSC_3427, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

...these beautiful lilies were photographed several years ago at a local park called Munsinger Gardens. I don’t remember why I ended up looking at these old images a few days ago as I was backing up a TON of images to DVD. (No doubt I was getting bored with the backing-up process.) But I thought with the cooler temps and with the fall color pretty much gone, that a colorful image of bright flowers would be perfect to share with all of you!


what's in a name?

279/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

I just love this font! I’ve been searching the font websites to find the name of this script/handwriting font. Does anyone out there know what it is?

That capital A is quite distinctive. I’ve found a couple that were kind of close, but not close enough. I tried contacting the publisher of this guide, but the emails bounced back.

Maybe one of you will have better luck than me?!



276/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

...just some really gorgeous light this time of year as it comes through the golden leaves each evening. And VERY nice that it’s 80 degrees in Minnesota in October!! Low humidity, no mosquitos—perfect!

p.s. I’m back online here at home—yay!!


cosmetic updates...

...bear with me here. I’m updating my blog and gallery sites so there’s more continuity. Can’t get it all done in one evening. (BIG yawn – it’s time for bed!)


100/365, originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg.

...just a cold, misty, and miserable day here today. But it was foggy this morning. Fog is a photographer’s friend. It hides a multitude of distractions, and it can be dreamy, eerie, or a combination of both.

Take a peek at my other 365s from the week by clicking on the photo. I finally got everything uploaded today from the rest of the week. It will take you to Flickr. I’m definitely in a monochrome mood lately. Monochrome can also simplify an image, as color can distract from your intended subject matter. And I like that it’s kind of “old school”. (Ok, I suppose it depends on your age how “old” old school is! Actually, monochrome never left, it just goes in and out of fashion, like everything else.)