a cute sleeve for my Nook...

I just had to share some photos of a cute and very functional sleeve to protect my Nook when it’s in my purse or other bag. Many of you know that Etsy is a great place to find all sorts of hand-crafted items. So I went searching one day for “Nook sleeves”. And voila!, I found Dahlia Tech. She has all sorts of beautiful sleeves for your iPad, Nook, laptop, etc. And she also ships outside of the US.
I am so very pleased with my order! So I wanted to give a big shout out to Patti Ferron, the owner of Dahlia Tech. Thanks Patti!

ps. She sells handbags, too. :) At Etsy, the business name is Dahlia Handbags.


things I like...

...is exactly what it sounds like. :) I often stumble across various things that I like (and no, they aren’t always photography related), and this seemed as good a place as any to put them. And I have to admit…I saw this idea on another person’s blog. Even the title is the same. I tried to think of another title (not wanting to plagiarise), but this truly is the best description of what this section will be about—the things I like! (So…thank you Pascale, of Extra-Relish!)
photo of home page for Extra-RelishAs the first entry for this category, let’s take a look at Extra-Relish, a food and photography blog (the blog is about food, but she takes fantastic photographs, too!). I will admit, what drew me to the site was her lovely photography. And she has a nice, friendly style of writing. Almost as though she’s writing a letter just to you. Of course the blog is about food, and there are recipes sprinkled throughout that look delicious. And she’s British. (Why do we Americans love England so much?)

So please take a moment and look about Extra-Relish. You’ll be glad you did!