portraits - family, pets, and individuals


Limited sessions available. If you like what you see, let's chat!

You're the perfect client if:

  • You love my work, trust me to create beautiful images for you, and have a great or slightly off beat sense of humor, then you're my kind of person! (And if you're a fellow introvert, we'll get along just fine.)
  • I encourage people to schedule early, as I do a limited amount of portrait photography work each year. Get in touch today.
  • I only photograph individuals and up to four people.


Most of us don't hire photographers every day, so here's a brief rundown of what to expect when you contact me.

  • "What images of mine are you drawn to? What is it about a specific image that you love?" I'll ask you those questions so I can get an idea of what you like.
  • If you're commissioning a nature photograph, I'll ask you similar questions as below but tailored to what you're looking for in nature photography.
  • If you're wanting portraits, I'll want to know about your family or pet, of course! And about you, too.
  • Where would you like the session to take place? (I have some great locations, too.)
  • What were you thinking of doing with the images? Perhaps a beautiful gallery of images for your wall, a nice album?
  • Is this for you, or a special gift for a birthday or anniversary?
  • When are you available?
  • I'll also explain how one of my sessions generally works. And answer any other questions you might have!


  • I don't have many rules here. The main one is no logo/writing on clothing. So that means you can't wear your Vikings tshirt, Nike logo sweatpants, etc. :) The reason I request this is that logos and writing on clothing are very distracting, and if something is to be framed on a wall, that clothing probably isn't going to look the nicest. It also distracts from the real subject--YOU.
  • "But what do I wear?" That depends. If you're a loud and crazy family or individual, then bright clothing reflects your personalities and I say embrace the crazy and go for it. Another more subdued option is to for everyone to wear earth tones -- browns, soft yellows, blues (light or dark), greens....think walking outside in the summer and what colors do you see? -- they are easy to coordinate without matching.
  • I encourage you to not wear white shirts and blue jeans/khakis. Sorry. And I encourage your family to not have matching outfits/shoes.
  • The main thing is feel good in what you're wearing. Wear clothes that fit properly. (Yep, that means no sloppy sweat pants.) Big clothes make you look -- you guessed it -- big. No one wants that.
  • Also take a peek at my Pinterest page for ideas.
  • For the kiddos, bring meaningful toys, blankets, etc. If there is a special toy or other object, bring it along. But if you think it will distract your child too much, then leave it at home. You know your child best, so if bringing it will create the meltdown of the century, I think it's just fine to leave it at home.
  • For your pet, you can also bring along a favorite toy. And if you think it will make your dog/cat too crazy, then it's probably best to leave it at home.

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Our photography session will be at a place that is meaningful to you (a special park, the architecture of a downtown area, and even your home, just to name a few). If you need some ideas, I know of several places in the St. Cloud area.

Is it too hot/cold/rainy/snowy?

My general rule of thumb is to photograph outdoors between 30 and 85 degrees. Any colder, well, it's just miserable standing outside after awhile. Any hotter, and you're just a sweaty mess and that isn't a good look. And if I'm photographing your pet, same rules. Rain and snow, well, those are big variables. Rescheduling a session because of weather happens every now and then, it's normal and no big deal. I'm flexible about those things.

Perhaps consider a nice personal indoor photography session instead? These are generally more intimate in that the images are just about you and not so much your surroundings (I won't be photographing all over your house, you can put the clutter in the corner and no one will know). Let's talk if this is something that interests you.


CONTACT INFORMATION:  hello@BarbKelloggPhotography.com     PO Box 227, Avon, MN 56310       (320) 493-8883