Fine Art Nature Photography

Hawaiian Orchid by Barb Kellogg

We have now purchased 3 canvas prints from you. Our girls LOVE the vibrant colors of ”Pink” and I love the artistry. The second, “Forever”, captures the beauty and aloha spirit of Hawaii along with a sense of love and devotion seen with the intertwined leis. In another room, we see the delicate beauty of a Hawaiian orchid. My husband and I think of many happy memories when we see these prints. They are so much more striking than what we have seen anywhere else. We look forward to following your galleries for many years to come!
— Eileen and Brian, Sartell MN

Dutch Cat by Barb Kellogg

Barb captured another great part of Holland with lighter tone brick and a beautiful reflection in the water channel. The cat is just perfect in this picture. It makes me smile.
— Marcia, St. Cloud, MN
Lupine Field  by Barb Kellogg

Lupine Field by Barb Kellogg

Barb truly sees the sparkle, depth, emotion and the uniqueness of everything her camera is pointed towards. She sees with her heart, and the camera captures that dimension.
— Karen, Aurora, MN
I see a soft, beautiful quality in your art that I don’t really have the right word to describe. I just know it makes me feel good. Please keep on bringing beauty into our sometimes ugly world!
— Julie, South Dakota


Leah's child session

I love the unique ways things I would have never thought to capture were captured, yes I want to remember how teensy his little fingers were, how much his hair changed from straight jet black to golden curly locks, his little mannerisms when he’s playing, and the looks, sure I can get him making the most entertaining faces, but having them in focus you really get to see the full scowls and smirks, it’s great. I’m actually smiling about the pictures we now have to remember as I type this. I also really like that they are outside, you can’t get that in a studio, and even better yet they’re outside at our favorite parks where we play and goof off, not just somewhere we had to go.
— Leah, St. Paul, MN

Sonia's family session

What I love about the images that Barb captured is the real life expressions and moments. The photography session was a literal “walk in the park” without pressure to perform. The images I love the most do not capture large cheesy smiles, but the real faces and excitement of children.
— Sonia, St. Cloud, MN

Macy and Winnie pet session

I had the privelage of having Barb photograph my two yellow labs, Winnie and Macy. Barb is a natural at capturing dogs and people in their element, allowing them to do what they do best and interact naturally! The photos turned out beautifully, and I have a lovely canvas collage print that hangs in my bedroom. As the months went by, the photos became very special to me. Macy’s health declined and she passed away. Having the photos to look at brings me great joy and peace. I feel so blessed to have professional photos that capture Macy’s love for me and my love for her! Thank you, Barb!
— Lisa, Moorhead, MN

Riley's senior session with her horse Willabay

Barb took my senior pictures, and I am absolutely in love with them. We actually had three sessions together, all with my horse. Every single session I was extremely impressed and loved all of my photos. I can’t stop getting compliments on my senior pictures! People tell me they look like something out of a magazine. She’s incredibly thorough, and makes the most out of the time we have together. I showed her examples of photos I liked, and she succeeded in capturing a photo similar for every single one. She’s very knowledgeable and every time I am very, very happy with my pictures.
— Riley, St. Cloud, MN
I wake up every morning and see the photos and it makes me happy.
— Manette, pet portrait client
Working with Barb Kellogg Photography was a fun, relaxing experience where Barb has the unique ability to reveal for the world to see in photos, the treasure you see in your family (children, spouse, pets) every day.
— Tracy, family portrait client
Barb was wonderful to work with. The day of the photo session was miserable. It was cold, humid, and rainy. Just the kind of weather to make everyone cranky and chilled to the bone. I had asked her to capture the “true” us. I wanted photographs that were genuine representations of our relationship as a family. When the day came around, we were worried that our photographs would turn out awful. We were cold and cranky. Of course, we had nothing to worry about. Barb helped us embrace the sucky weather and we actually had quite a bit of fun. Not only did she produce incredible photographs, but more importantly, she captured the authenticity of my family. I couldn’t wait to show the portraits to my friends and family....Barb could not have been more true to her slogan: she gave us a window into our ‘life, captured beautifully’.
— KW, Twin Cities

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